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I've lost my way and now I'm standing in darkness
I'm letting everyone down and have no where to turn
I no longer fit the image anyone has of me
Standing still not knowing what to do
I can't move forward and I can't move back
What do I do and where do I turn
I want to turn to God but I feel I have failed him
I want to turn to my friends but I feel I have failed them
I want to tur to my family but I feel I have failed them
Where do I go
I want everything to be ok but I dont know how to make it ok
I just feel lost
Will there be a light to come and rescue me this time?
I pray there will and that I can find my path again
For now I am lost
I must fight to hold on to the one part of myself I know is always true
But the rest of me is lost and wandering
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Memorial poem for Kokotenko
You sniffle and snuffled from the day we adopted you
We loved you so much when you cuddled with us
You made us laugh with the silly things you did
You made us smile when we were sad
Sometimes though you made us mad
But we never held it against you because we always loved you
WE called you snuffelluffelgus and sir snots-a-lot
We called you sneezer and weezer and we loved you still
You loved to play and you loved to chase mice
You'd lay in the sunlight and roll over to put your belly up
You were silly and so fluffy
You were warm and kind
Even though you had a sinus infection from day one we didn't care
Some things couldn't be changed but we loved you lots
You would sit with me when I cried
And those last few days you never left my room
I will always love you tenko
you were our little tenko lenko lenk
We had so many nick names for you but even though some were silly
They were all filled with our love for you
I'll miss you lots and I'll never forget you
We cried for you so much a
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A sorrow filled heart made bright and new
A darkness ripped away and light let in
The earth releases a warmth of energy
I feel renewed when my bare feet touch the ground
When the warm light touches my skin
The earth is my element and oh how it brings me peace
Stepping out of the darkness of the pain of the past
Feeling calmed and at peace while I sit in a tree
Earth is my element and a part of me
Whenever I’m outside I feel my anger and sadness rush away
I feel like the earth when I stand in the rain
It washes away my pain and renews my strength again
When the wind blows calmly and the leaves whistle a song
I find myself happy and my heart rejoices with a new strength
And when the strong wind blows I feel not fear
I find some strength in the earth but never lose sight of my faith
When I lie in the grass and listen to the wind or feel the sun
I find peace from the chaos that has entered my life
Earth is my element and my dear friend
It brings me calm from all that seems wron
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Anger in waiting ch. 3
Chapter 3
The four of them drove slowly through a town that seemed like a perfect place. No trace of anger was present and everyone seemed happy and friendly. Even when they passed the school a little girl heading into class waved at them. This town was something perfect, but they all felt it was something eerie too.  A place where anger didn't even seem to exist as if the world they lived in was a perfect one where the disease had never been created, never been released, never destroyed  everything in sight, or killed hundreds of thousands. None of them said a word but the look they gave each other told them that they were all thinking the same thing.
As they passed by families walking happily outside, kids that had just gotten out of school racing down the street and playing games a question crossed Yuki's mind that she spoke out loud. "Does anyone else think that this place is like a memory of before the anger?"
The other two looked and nodded then turned back to
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Every day
For every day gone by,
For every sad lonely sigh,
My heart beats every day so it can hear your voice,
As I sit in sad remorse,
Then I think and a smile I receive,
Wondering why I loved you and all your vile deeds,
A fool I was to even care,
We were never meant to be a pair,
Goodbye forever and for good,
You are nothing but a worthless hood,
I smile now at being free,
You can no longer hurt me.
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Red Hills
Red hills looming high
Crystal lake like a clear blue sky
the sung glowing in the evening sky
the smell of pine thick in the air
Birds fly off together in pairs
Birds singing all around
The cold dirt moist on the ground
Warm sun staring to disapear
All falling now into the dark
The trees grow cool even now
We no longer hear from the lark
Night comes brooding now
Long tree branches begin to bow
A light wind blows throught the sky
As night birds fly high and a tear falls from my eye
Red hills now glowing faint
The color of a deep red paint
Mists whisper words into our minds
Peace comes so soft and kind
The bright sun hangs low
As the light burns before night its last yellow glow.
The sun might never come again
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True Happiness
What is true happiness?
Some people say it's money
Others say it's fame
Some say it's what you own
But what is true happiness?
It's love
It's knowing that your never truly alone
It's family and friends
Knowing that your alive
Having what you need not what you want
Being loved and being cared for
Knowing that some people don't like you but you should still stick up for them
People think it's about getting what you want in life... but it's not
It's about doing what you can for the world
Even if the world doesn't do anything for you
It's giving your all in life and enjoying what you've been given
Sometimes it's about learning who you're real friends are
But for me it's just about life and how everyone's life is important
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Cold and beautiful
Cold and beautiful it comes floating down,
Smiles light up through out the town,
Oh what a wonderful sight,
On this clear winter night,
We all head out,
To run and dash about,
My friends an I begin to dance,
While couples begin to romance,
Oh this cold and beautiful thing,
It always makes me want to sing,
LEt it snow!
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Reach out
We are hurting
We are crying
We are falling
We are dying,
Let all the world know our pain
We are calling
We are crying out
We are screaming
We need someone right now!
Please please hear our cry
We need a helping hand
We've fallen past the point of no return
Reach out a hand and help a child in need
Reach out a hand and help a falling soul
Reach out and help someone
Who can't seem to find the sun.
I have fallen myself
I was all alone
But someone reached out a hand and saved me
I was falling so far
Past the point of no return
But someone held out a hand
And now my light burns bright!
May we all reach out a hand
To the ones who're calling
Let our light shine strong!
Reach out a hand and catch the falling
Lift up a voice to reach the crying
Lend them a ear to hear the calling
Let us open our hearts to those around us!
Reach out an arm to carry the fallen
Reach out and hug those crying
Listen to those who're dying
I have opened my once hurting heart as someone once opened theirs for me
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Sleeping, slepping days go by,
Dreaming, dreaming never wonder why,
Watching, watching never asking,
Slumber, slumber always passing,
Dreaming always in your sleep,
Awaken and some dreams you do not keep,
Slumber silently while you may,
Awaken soon so you may see the new day.
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Race of my life
Race of my Life
Vrrrrrrrrrrmm. The forest green mustang with black racing stripes came speeding down the salt flats of the desert. Ari was racing to get her newly tricked out ride back to the garage before Vert beat her back. She was coming out of the canyon and she glanced into her side mirror. Coming up beside her in his fire red camaro was Vert. The front of his car was right at the left side of her bumper and he was starting to pull up right beside her. She knew that it was time to use one of the new abilities she'd equipped to her car. She hit a little glowing light blue button that was on her dash board which made the car speed up enough to get a few meters ahead of Vert. She knew that adding a small tank of nitro that could be released into the fuel supply was smart.
All of a sudden a huge rumbling noise came from a dust cloud heading straight for her and Vert. She saw a huge blue tank like car coming up and her eyes grew wide as the familiar vehicle called the buster came close
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Anger in waiting: chapter 2
Chapter 2
Yukihime dashed out of the room on to a balcony that overlooked the town, so that she could always see what was happening, there was about two people running and screaming trying to head up the hill to safety and following them was the rest of the town. Overcome with the anger that was devastating town after town wether people were angry or not. She ran back into the house and grabbed yatsuna before she went out the door. As she exited Dan and Sarah grabbed their weapons and followed with Rufus and Coal.
Yuki Yelled down at the people running up the hill "Do not stop running you shall be safe in my house!"
As she dashed ahead of the others and passed through the people who were not infected she came upon the first string of those who were. She distracted them from chasing people by becoming live bait. As the first one came to attack her she dodged and sliced through his head and then further down cutting the man into two even sides. With the first one down there was still aro
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Milly's poem for school, Anger
I sit and talk to my new best friend,
He's a funny man who doesn't know who he is,
So i gave hima a name and now he's Jack
He looks awfully funny lying on his back,
He has no hair on top of his head but he does have hair on his chin,
He's got lots of pretty pictures on his arm,
And he's gonna take me with him when he leaves this bad town,
My name is Melissa but i go by Milly,
And I'm gonna escape from the bad thing that's coming,
My little friend and Jack are coming too,
To run away from the inside of everyone including you.
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Halloween Poem
Ghosts, Goblins, Witches, and Ghouls
They all come out to haunt the fools,
They scare and haunt the brave
Send 'em screaming right into their graves,
Werewolves, Vampires, Beasts, and Rats
They'll make you scream like scared little bats,
It's Halloween night
It'll be such a fright,
You'll be filled with fear
It will make you tear,
Run and scream
It's Halloween!
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The story of the missing girl
The story of the missing girl
Once there was a girl who had a wonderful life and everyone would always listen to her, but then there came a time in her life that was very busy for everyone. Day after day she tried to talk to her friends and family about a problem she was having but nobody had time to listen. After two weeks of trying she began to fade, so she used her free time to write down a story this is it. At the end of another two weeks she emailed everyone a copy of the story.  When everyone checked their email they found this story.
"Once upon a time in a wonderful place where everyone cared for each other there was one girl that everyone loved her name was Felina. Whenever she had a problem she would go to someone and tell them but one day there came a terrible trouble in the land and everyone was always rushing around. Well one day Felina was walking on a road and an old man stopped her. He looked at her and said 'loved you are by all but I am loved by none. My jeal
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Lindi Hartman
United States
I am 19 right now and i am a major writer. i love to write and have fun. my friends and i are super crazy and we are major anime otakus. i'm obssesed with Axel, Demyx, Roxas, and Luxord fromOraginzation XII. i'm also obssesed with anime and sugar. i'm a total gaming expert and my fav genres of vid games are racing and zombie. i love music and my fav sport is swimming.

Favourite genre of music: celtic
Favourite style of art: anime
MP3 player of choice: Any
Favourite cartoon character: Doyle Saturday
Personal Quote: Rock the world then take it over!!!
So it has been a very long while since I was on here and I unfortunately have some serious reasons, but things in life are becoming some what reasonable again for me and I am headed back on track into my writing. I am actually working on a new piece and on the next chapter to anger in waiting. While I am not sure how fast I will be completing my writings and actually trying to start a little comic. So I wish that life is up for everyone and that all may see the positive and find a bright light to lead their way. Also I am very frustrated with the new way to submit art because it so doesn't like me
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